How do successful leaders dominate their day?

From having a written to-do list to crafting a morning routine, here are seven daily rituals of leading entrepreneurs:

Influencial Female Entrepreneurs

The influence of female entrepreneurs is growing, but they still face a number of challenges. These strategies can help women continue to emerge as successful leaders in business:

The IRS Provided New Guidance for HSA Family Contributio Limits for tax year 2018

The Internal Revenue Service announced that the 2018 family health savings account (HSA) limit will remain $6,900. After much confusion, this new guidance comes as welcome relief for many:

Weekly Market Update

Hello Everyone,  Solid earnings reports helped propel the major U.S. stock indexes to small gains, sending the S&P 500's year-to-date total return back into positive territory. The Dow rose more than 200 points on Monday and Tuesday, but stocks held steady Wednesday and closed the week with declines on Thursday and Friday.


On this date in 1859 William Byers distributes the first newspaper ever published in the frontier boomtown of Denver, Colorado.  As was the case in many western frontier towns, would-be journalists in Denver were vying for the honor of publishing the first newspaper. In Byers’ case, his competitor was the Cherry Creek Pioneer.  Byers printed and distributed the first edition, beating the first release of The Pioneer by only 20 minutes.  In honor of the rugged mountain range that rose up abruptly to the west of Denver, Byers named his new venture in frontier journalism The Rocky Mountain News.


Finally, yesterday was the birthday of William Shakespeare, oddly enough, he died on that same date 52 years later.


Have a great rest of the week everyone.



If good things come in small packages, then more good things can come in large packages, right?- Just a thought


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Beware, April Showers Bring Spring Time Scams

Warmer weather may bring knocks on your door from roofing company representatives who “happen to be in your neighborhood” looking at damaged roofs. After a quick inspection, they convince you that your roof has damage that will likely be covered by your insurance. All you have to do is put in a claim and use the money to get a brand new roof installed -- except you may wait months after you’ve paid the company for work to begin, if it ever does. Not only have you lost the insurance money, but you may also face liens from material suppliers who were never paid, and you might lose your insurance coverage altogether. 


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2017 Client Appreciation Trivia

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2017 Client Appreciation Event at the Willis Case Tavern! If you missed any of the questions or answers, here you go!!!

What’s 361 feet high that weighs exactly 1 ton?

           It’s a stack of one million US $1 bills!

Who are the richest people in the world?

         William Gates III, USA - $75 billion

HFS Logo

What makes a great logo?

In an article written by Lauren Cannon in 2011, Inc. published the four attributes they think make a great logo design. They feel your company's logo should be Unique, Adaptable, Timeless, and Appropriate.

If you haven't noticed, in addition to moving to our new offices and increasing the size of team, Hendricks Financial Services introduced our new logo in 2016.

HFS chose a hummingbird for its agility, flexibility, adaptability, and style. These are the same dynamic attributes that define who we are as a business. Hummingbirds and HFS are very similar, big things come in small packages!

The HFS hummingbird is a composite of differing segments and colors, with each piece representing our clients’ unique and differing financial aspects, needs, and goals. Our customized approach holistically prioritizes and orders all of these pieces to help develop, implement, and achieve each client’s financial goals. Our goal is to change the way Americans invest.   

We truly appreciate every one of our clients; if you haven’t already done so, please visit www.HendricksFS, email us at either or, or call us at 303.458.7644 to talk through how we can help you meet your financial needs and goals.